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The creator of The Advice Hub is Dylan Mann.  Raised in Auckland with dreams of becoming an architect, Dylan has spent most of his professional career in design of a different kind, working, creating and teaching financial services throughout Australia. 

His goal always was to return to NZ, when he had children. In 2014, when his wife Brooke Mann become pregnant, Dylan sold his controlling shares in firm iPraxis Financial Services, to return to NZ.

On arrival, he completed the qualifications conversion tests to meet the highest level currently available in NZ (Standard level 5).   

Looking for a challenging role, Dylan researched the advisory services available to the NZ public. 

Dylan decided to start up The Advice Hub, which would be a business that has complete freedom to give advice, share research and offer guidance on the best product for each client.

The Advice Hub values are truth, proof and value with a backup plan.  We install this by using basic hard work to research and understand what the leading products are and what types of clients suit them.  We share this information with our clients in the form of written financial advice, that is protected by our professional indemnity insurance, as well as our years of experience.

Dylan is also passionate about educating his community and has been teaching the basic financial topics to everyone that will attend his educational sessions and presentations throughout the community, at charity events, adult community education, schools and corporate employee training days around the Asia Pacific. 


The Advice Hub is an extension of these teachings and upskilling of the rights and roles of the community. It is about how to access high quality advice, to enhance an understanding of financial matters that directly impact your future, learn what to avoid, where to find more information and sometimes to just 'ask basic questions that have been bothering you'.

You do not need to be wealthy, to start using a wealth manager adviser.  Everyone starts somewhere.  You need to have a plan for wealth and a plan of how you are going to protect what you have already, including your health, education, income, family goals and to live a comfortable life, no matter what comes along.

The Advice Hub want to continue as a trusted source of high quality financial information for our NZ community.