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Is your Accountant or Solicitor Washing Money like Ozark?

September 11, 2017

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SUPERLIFE Approved By The Advice Hub

April 18, 2017


On 3rd April 2017 The Advice Hub, lead by business owner Mr Tarragon Dylan Mann, approved the use of the SuperLife KiwiSaver Product as a product to consider for The Advice Hub AFA financial adviser network.


This partnership gives SuperLife a new product distribution channel via the market-leading AFA network - The Advice Hub -  and gives NZ clients the ability to receive high quality financial advice strategies on their money within any KiwiSaver.  


The Advice Hub advice team will take your current KiwiSaver account and compare it side by side, to any other KiwiSaver account, to quickly show you both which account and portfolio you should use and how much you need to save each week, in order to reach a comfortable retirement, whatever stage of life you are at currently.


The trusted website sorted.org.nz shows that SuperLife does not have one or two of the top investment funds compared within the site, but a staggering top 28/63 of the investment funds based on fees.  "So that battle is truly won by SuperLife in my opinion.  In addition, the top 3/5 funds for returns are also SuperLife funds.  So that battle is also won," says Dylan Mann.


SuperLife are part of NZX, the parent company that is an exchange provider with strong performance and leadership.  But for us, the SuperLife product gives our investment team the ability to access pure returns, without hidden fees, that directly impact client annual returns.  Since SuperLife offers funds that are listed on stock exchanges called Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's), there can be no hidden fees that are not disclosed to the investor/owner of that investment. This is what puts their investment options ahead of the rest.  Until NZ and Global fund managers are required to fully disclose their operating costs impacting client returns, ETF's will remain a leading option.


Part of the work we do at The Advice Hub is researching all the KiwiSaver and investment products available in the New Zealand financial market.   For some time now, The Advice Hub staff have been using SuperLife as their personal KiwiSaver product for a number of reasons, but have been reluctant to advise many clients to use it, as the system did not allow for the adviser to view the account and portfolio.  Not being able to manage the portfolio performance, or see the tax and income earned in each portfolio, raises many issues about who is looking after the money.  


SuperLife offers clients a very customer-friendly website and device service, to view and track their accounts just like most other KiwiSaver providers.  The major difference, however, is that SuperLife shows the customer their true investment return after all the product and investment costs and then applies the client's selected tax rate to the portion of the fund return that is income.  This is very important, as in New Zealand, there is no tax on the growth of an investment, so there is no tax on that portion.


Advisers that build their client portfolios around this factor can dramaticly increase client returns.  But to do this, you need to have single sector funds to select from.


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