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Is your Accountant or Solicitor Washing Money like Ozark?

September 11, 2017

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Quality Financial Advice

March 18, 2017


 Do you, as an individual, family or business owner continue to harvest the rewards of the following financial habits?

  1. Putting off buying adequate life and disability insurance

  2. Don’t regularly update your will – if you even have one

  3. Consume too much now and save too little for later

  4. Focus on return of capital and not enough focus on return on capital

  5. Sell after a slump and buy on a high

  6. Neglect real costs and tax savings measures

  7. Maintain lazy assets, with no focus

  8. Chase performance or don’t even look at returns

  9. Over-extend or over capitalise assets

  10. Basically, procrastinate about planning your future and how to get there

These habits can work together to keep your financial security in the distance, but when you take control of these aspects, you can quickly go from strength to strength and start getting ahead. You only need to invest 60 minutes with an AFA adviser.  There is a legal duty only for an AFA adviser to ‘Act in the best interest of the client', it’s called Best Interest Duty (BID). All other advisers do not currently have to act in the best interest of the client, including RFA advisers and QFE advisers. 


To look up the type of adviser that you are getting advice from, go to the government website and search for their name: https://www.companiesoffice.govt.nz/fsp 

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