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Is your Accountant or Solicitor Washing Money like Ozark?

September 11, 2017

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The Advice Hub choose ANZ Investments

February 24, 2017

As owner of The Advice Hub, I am very excited to create a formal product agreement with ANZ Investments today.


As a small practice, we are free to select and compare products from all NZ providers for our clients. We know what they want, we understand that want and we are excited to be able to build wealth with such a trusted NZ & AUS brand as ANZ investments.  


ANZ have market-leading investment funds and high quality technical applications, but best of all, their product support teams are cutting edge and first class.   

Currently many Kiwi's don't seam to care too much or apply much interest in either their KiwiSaver results or the cost of its management.


The Advice Hub will offer its client's help selecting the best KiwiSaver product, by comparing their existing KiwiSaver to the best in breed for the type of result the client is wanting.  


Some people are looking for very high growth and others are looking for very low fees, many don't know what they want and they really just need a little help.

Contact us.



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